10 Travel Necessities You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Getting ready to travel? It’s exciting when you’ve got a big trip to embark on, though for many, packing can be a royal pain. How many shirts should you bring? Do you need boots? Don’t forget socks and underwear! Oh, you’ve got that part down, sure. But what about all the other stuff you shouldn’t leave home without? Here are 10 things that you probably won’t die without, but you will definitely wonder why you never used them before to make traveling easier.

1. An awesome suitcase

Do you still have the same luggage set from a decade ago? Yeah, time to chuck it. These days, you’ll find expandable suitcases that make it easy to cram more stuff in but that’s not all. There are suitcases that walk themselves alongside you and even ones you can
ride through the airport. Yep. Time for an upgrade!

2. Luggage scale

You know what’s annoying? Weighing your luggage to make sure you don’t incur extra fees for overweight baggage. Trying to hoist it onto your bathroom scale is just plain awful. Fortunately, someone thoughtfully created easy luggage scales that attach to the
handle of your bag so you can weigh them effortlessly.

3. Translator apps

Heading abroad? Don’t be caught without a language translator app on your phone. There are tons of free ones as well as paid ones to use. Now you won’t have to fumble around for the right words anywhere you go!

4. Travel backpack

Even if you have the coolest suitcase around (see above), you’ll need something smaller for carry-on or for your other adventures once you arrive. Look for travel backpacks that are waterproof and have secure spaces for your personal effects.

5. Silicone travel bottles

Don’t ever throw out your favorite toiletries again. These silicone travel bottles come in sets with each bottle in a different color so it’s easy to color code your shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries. Best of all though, they are TSA-approved!

6. Surge protecting charger

It’s not enough to merely bring a converter or a charger. Get them in one handy device that will help you charge multiple devices at once. Converters have come a long way and instead of taking 10 along with you on your European vacation, all you need is one surge protecting charger that can do it all.

7. Water purifier bottle

You can’t be too careful anywhere you go when it comes to water. Invest in a water purifier bottle and you’ll always have clean, fresh and safe water to drink.

8. Toothpaste tablets

Long flight or camping trip? Now you can avoid messy toothpaste tube disasters. Pop
the tablets, chew, and then brush your way back to freshness!

9. Remote control foot warmers

 Heading somewhere cold? Then you’ll want to use remote control foot warmers in your
shoes. Simply put them in your desired footwear and activate them with the remote.
You’ll be able to hike to the top of Mt. Everest with toasty toes!

10. Luggage tracker

And finally, something that perhaps IS essential for both domestic and world travelers
alike – the luggage tracker. It’s a GPS device for your checked luggage. So if you worry
your bags won’t arrive when you do, no more fighting with the airline to find out where
they’ve sent it. Worth every penny!

Which ones will you use on your next trip?

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