100,000 Bitcoin seized from Infraud

For people looking for CC information, stolen PayPal accounts, stolen Birth certificates among other things there is Infraud… well there was because it was taken down by authorities. This Darknet website was one of the biggest online crime bazars, their slogan was “Infraud we trust” and they were in fact trusted among the criminal underground. Every person selling any type of goods was given a review that way people were sure that they would in fact get what they paid for, because after all nobody wants to get robbed especially when they worked so hard to rob other people.

This was a joint operation involving many different Countries and government agencies. It all started with the arrest of several dozen people all related to Infraud, this website at one point had more than 10,000 registered members. The 2nd of February of this year one of the owners was arrested in Thailand, and more than 100,000 bitcoins were seized. The price of Bitcoin has seen some downfall the last couple of days, but even these coins are worth more than 800 million USD as of the time this was written.

Sergey Medvedev 32 years’ old is considered to be one of the owners of this website about 5 other people are still at large including Ukrainian resident Svyatoslav Bondarenko considered to be the creator of Infraud back in 2010. This is a major hit against Cybercriminals, with so much money and people caught, but the truth is that there is always somebody willing to take over, especially the lucky few that live in countries that don’t have extradition laws with the Us.

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