Trumps plan for government run nationwide 5G network may be shot down

The plan to implement the 5G network has to be nationalized, because of Chinas position and ability to manufacture and operate network infrastructure, as least that is how President Trump and his national security advisors see it. Axios was the first one to come out with this story last year mentioning a memo detailing this initiative. No one can deny that China has become a major player in the cyber world. They have been blamed for some very serious and sophisticated cyber espionage attacks against American companies. How possible is it for this initiative to be approved and who would benefit the most? First let us see how big of a problem China has become.


Chinas long record of cyber-attacks and espionage

Who can forget Project Aurora? Google and companies like Adobe, Symantec and Oracle were breached and sensitive information was stolen. China was also blamed for the cyber espionage attack on a multibillion dollar project involving a next gen fighter jet. The list of companies that directly blame China in cyber espionage attacks is almost endless. This is what Trump’s security advisors meant when they said that China poses a real threat to not only American companies but also the government.

Another reason the project wants to be nationalized

The power point presentation also talked about an Artificial Intelligence arms race. It is no secret that China wants to be the leader in AI  and has not tried to hide this. They have mentioned that they plan to be the leader in AI by the year 2030. American national security advisors to president Trump see this a real threat and want to do everything they can to avoid China becoming the leader in this industry.


Is this project even possible?

Many private sectors don’t see this as the right move or even a smart one. This makes sense because what Trump’s advisors are basically proposing is that the government build this nationwide 5G network and then lease it to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. The problem with this is that the private sector has already invested billions of dollars in research. Some will even be able to start offering the 5g Network in limited areas very soon.

The other option is for each company to build their own 5g network that would compete with the government’s network. This idea doesn’t seem to take into account the enormous amount of investment that is needed to build these networks. It would be counterproductive, time consuming and a waste of money for each one to have their own 5g network.

Another reason why privatization of this 5g network is a bad idea is because of security. There are rumors that  suggest Kaspersky has ties with Russian Intelligence. With so many government agencies using this software, it proves that the government is unable to deal quickly with emerging threats.
Only time will tell if this was just government officials throwing around ideas or if they intend to move forward with this plan. Even if that is their intention the private sector has already made it  clear that it is not the government’s role to innovate. They also mentioned that if the government really wanted to build the next 5g network, they should have started two or three years ago.

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