Jackpotting: the alarming malware that lets attackers empty out ATMs

If there’s money to be made with a certain product, there will always be someone willing to sell it, that’s just how the market works. If its legal you could find it on EBay or Amazon but if it’s not the place to go is the Darknet. From diplomas from Harvard University and birth certificates to passports, if it’s not here then it doesn’t exist. The Darknet is also the place where hackers come to sell and buy their exploits from $5 key loggers to android malware to renting a botnet, it’s all here.

ATM malware is basically intended to compromise a certain brand or model of ATMs in order to literally make it spit out all the money it has inside. Usually this involves the attacker to physically manipulate the ATM in order to access its USB port to infect it with the malware. CUTLET MAKER ATM malware is just one of many different types of malware available in the Darknet, its price ranges from 1,500 to about 5,000 USD. For this price not only do you get the malware but also several videos and pdf files that pretty much explain what the attacker needs to do.

Something interesting is that the payment only gets you one credit, meaning that you are only able to attack one ATM, however besides the malware you also get a scanner that basically will tell you how much money an ATM has inside before you decide to attack it. Just a couple of weeks ago several people in the US were arrested for doing this, although technically the theft went smoothly, they were pulled over for driving erratically, when the vehicle was searched the officers noticed some drugs and several piles of money, this would mean that this tool is in fact idiot-proof.

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