Low Calorie Spirits that Won’t Break Your Gym Spirit

Once the New Year rolls around, it seems everyone is devoted to getting in shape this time, they swear! But what often undoes a healthy eating and fitness regimen is the indulging in alcoholic libations.  Even when consumed moderately, the joy of that heady buzz from spirits and alcohol makes us all forget that there are calories involved.

That’s okay though.  You don’t need to become a teetotaler (unless you want to of course) while you work on your fitness.  You can have your abs and drink spirits too.  You just need to understand the calories involved and learn to make smarter choices during those times that you imbibe.

Wondering what spirit selections you should make so that you don’t completely derail your fitness?  Take your pick from these!


Drink wine

Red wine happens to be good for your heart too, so you have that bonus, but don’t forget that while the calories are low, it still HAS calories.  Try to pace yourself.


Go straight up

Spirits like vodka and rum tend to pack the least calories per 1.5-ounce serving, however if you add mixers to the mix, that’s what turns a lovely libation into a calorie bomb.  Learn to drink it straight up and you’ll get your buzz without all the excess calories.  Watch the alcohol content though.  An 80-proof vodka has about 64 calories per ounce while a stronger one at 100-proof has 82 calories.


Choose better mixers

Not hardcore enough for straight shots of spirits?  Then choose your mixers wisely.  Diet tonic is a better option, as is seltzer water.  Lemon or lime juice can also add lots of flavor without adding many calories.


Do what James Bond does

Order martinis.  Most of them are low in calories, unless you go for those creamy abominations or ones loaded with liqueurs and other high-calorie additions.  Keep it simple and you’ll keep your abs intact.


Go light on the beer

Feeling like feeling that foam on your lip that only beer can bring?  Then go for a light option. You’ll feel less bloated.


Try gin and tonic

This classic cocktail has only 200 calories per drink but you can shave off even more calories if you choose diet tonic instead.

Alternate all night

At a big event or party where you don’t want to be empty-handed?  Then alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night.  It will keep you from becoming a sloppy mess, keep your abs intact, and keep you hydrated so you’ll avoid a nasty hangover come morning.  Sparkling water with a lime looks the part of an alcoholic libation so choose those to look social without looking dull.


Don’t forget that whether you’re watching your waistline or not, you should always drink responsibly!

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